CDI is "the professional's professional."  Our full-service brokerage provides services required by buyers, sellers, tenants and corporate clients.  Our land development consultancy, CDI Engineering and Planning, provides site due diligence, site planning, design, permitting and construction observation on larger residential projects as well as all sizes of commercial, industrial or educational projects.

Our first entity was established in 1990 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Since then we've diversified our services, under the same 2-principal leadership of Charlotte and Dan Fee.  We not only advise clients how things should be done, we're successful investors, landlords and small project developers ourselves.

CDI Limited Edition Properties Corp., directed by Florida-licensed real estate broker Charlotte R. Fee, can work with you throughout the State of Florida. Charlotte is a Realtor with the National Association of Realtors and local Boards of Realtors, a Certified REO (foreclosure) Specialist, Cert. Negotiation Expert (CNE) and Certified Property Management Executive (CPME).  She works within a strong network of property experts, from investment real estate agents and attorneys to tradesmen.  Whatever you or your property requires, we probably have the knowledge or the contacts to help you accomplish your goals.

Charlotte has also earned her TransNational Referral Certification, part of the Cert. International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation requirement.  She has investment and management contacts in New Zealand and elsewhere abroad.

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Most novice investors think small - too small.
Instead of thinking duplex, triplex or single rental home, think "maximum units under one roof" and economize. More rents coming in but still one tax bill, insurance bill, lawn to mow, etc.
Don't be afraid of more tenants!  With systems in place, ten are as easy as two!
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